This Woman’s Incredible Beyoncé Parody Puts Body Shamers on Blast

Plus-size blogger Gabi Fresh created a video for Bey’s song ‘Flawless’ to send a message: ‘Fat is not a flaw.’
May 8, 2014· 1 MIN READ
Culture and education editor Liz Dwyer has written about race, parenting, and social justice for several national publications. She was previously education editor at Good.

Bow down to body positivity, folks. Plus-size blogger Gabi Fresh has created a fantastic video parody of Beyoncé’s feminist-empowerment song “Flawless” that celebrates women whose appearance falls outside the parameters of mainstream beauty expectations.

The video starts off with news footage criticizing America’s obsession with weight and the effects our overemphasis on thinness has on women and girls. Then Fresh and fellow plus-size bloggers Nadia Aboulhosn and Tess Munster take over the screen, lip-synching to their own version of the “Flawless” video. The video, writes Fresh on her blog, sends a clear message: “Fat is not a flaw.”

Fresh, a fashionista who challenges the beauty status quo, has long encouraged plus-size women to break away from “A-line skirts, wrap dresses, boot cut jeans, and slimming prints.” And she loves Beyoncé—a whole lot. The self-described “Stan” wrote that “when I heard Beyoncé telling her haters to Bow Down in the song ***Flawless, I immediately fell in love.”

That empowering message resonated, writes Fresh, because “as a fat woman of color, I’m often treated differently than my thin white peers.” She writes that she gets passed over by brands, gets stared at when she attends fashion events, and receives “hate mail and trolling comments from people who call me disgusting and say I shouldn’t be allowed in public.”

Fresh isn’t alone in having that kind of experience. In her inspiring speech at the recent Gloria Awards and Gala, actor Gabourey Sidibe detailed how trolls on Twitter go to town posting nasty comments about her size, and reporters wonder how someone of her size could be so confident.

The confidence of the three women in this video is on display—and they should be confident because not only do they look as amazing as Bey does in the original video, but they’re also sending a message to the Photoshop-loving, body-shaming haters of the world. Fresh dedicates the video to “the mainstream media, to the fashion industry, to Internet bullies, and to anyone else who thinks it’s their right to try to make us feel less-than because of their insecurities.”