The Daily Fix: Global Warming’s New Deadline, Deadly KKK Shootings, and ADHD Misdiagnosis Problems

All the news that’s fit to fix on Monday, April 14.
Apr 14, 2014· 1 MIN READ
Shaya Tayefe Mohajer is TakePart's News Editor.

Two degrees Celsius—that's how much hotter global average temperatures can get before we start seeing devastating effects, according to a new report from the United Nations.

That's why Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on countries around the world to "act swiftly and boldly" to curb climate change. The report, released in Berlin over the weekend, found that global greenhouse gases are "continuing to rise at an accelerated pace" and called for urgent action to stop global warming.

To do that, we need to lower greenhouse gas emissions 40 to 70 percent, as compared with 2010 emission levels, and aim to have zero emissions by the end of the century. The findings were authored by more than 235 scientists and reviewed by more than 800 experts before publication. How many of the rest of us are going to listen?

In other news...

  • KKK Killings: A 73-year-old who was once a "grand dragon" of the Ku Klux Klan is suspected in deadly shootings at Jewish community centers in Kansas City that killed three people. (via Washington Post)
  • Bus Station Bombing: At least 71 people are reported dead and another 124 were wounded after a massive explosion ripped through a bus station in Abuja, Nigeria's capital. (via The Associated Press)
  • Whistleblowing or Espionage? Army Pfc. Chelsea Manning, who was convicted of espionage for giving diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks, has a new lawyer who says he was wrongly charged and should receive whistleblower protections. (via Politico)
  • Faulty Diagnosis? More than 6 million American children have been diagnosed with ADHD, but concerns are growing that they've been misdiagnosed and overmedicated. Their real ailment might be a new condition that's being called "sluggish cognitive tempo." (via The New York Times)
  • Saudi Bunny Hop: I can't say I get it, but Saudis are really into the bunny hop, except they call it the penguin dance. (via The Wall Street Journal)
  • No Harbor for Whale Meat: South African protests prevented Alma, a Japanese whaling ship, from refueling in Durban. It was traveling around the Horn of Africa on its way back to Japan from Iceland. (via eNCA)

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