Here's How You Can Learn More About Hunger and Have Fun Doing It

Educate yourself about America's hunger crisis by playing this arcade-style game.
Apr 8, 2014· 0 MIN READ
Willy Blackmore is TakePart’s Food editor.

There’s nothing fun about being hungry. However, learning about hunger—and how it affects the 47 million Americans who rely on federal nutrition assistance—can be a bit more entertaining, thanks to "Hungry to Get By," a new arcade-style video game from the people who brought you A Place at the Table.

In the game, you can pick from three characters: Chad Chips, Betty Spaghetti, or Molly Muffin. You'll navigate your character through a maze plagued by various hunger monsters: poor health, SNAP cuts, and the dreaded empty plate. As you zig and zag around, you can pick up bags of groceries and SNAP dollars, which then briefly fill the screen with a field of healthy carrots.

Between levels, you can learn what America’s hunger crisis is like for people who don't have the leisure to play a game—visiting the 10 most food insecure places in the country, for example. Would you be surprised to learn that Bakersfield, in the heart of California’s Central Valley, the most productive agricultural region in the country, holds the dubious title of hungriest place in America?

See, you can discover something new about hunger while playing a game—just don’t get caught by the hunger monster before you learn more.