5 Arguments That Will Convince You the Keystone XL Pipeline Is a Bad Idea

The window is closing on your chance to tell Obama to oppose the controversial pipeline.
Feb 28, 2014· 0 MIN READ
Salvatore Cardoni holds a political science degree from the George Washington University. He's written about all things environment since 2007.

Last month, the State Department released its Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the $7 billion, 875-mile Keystone XL pipeline, the controversial project that would carry up to 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta’s tar sand reserves to refineries near Houston.

5 Quotes Condemning the Keystone XL Pipeline

The report concluded the pipeline would not significantly exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions because Canadian tar sands would get to market regardless of whether the pipeline was built—a claim environmental activists immediately rejected.

The decision to approve the pipeline rests with President Obama, and while there is no deadline for when he must weigh in, there is for you—and the clock is ticking.

A 30-day public comment period will close on March 7. That’s next Friday. So do your planet a solid, and tell your president you don’t want him to light the fuse on the pipeline that NASA climatologist James Hansen has famously called a “carbon bomb.”

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