Here's to All 1 Million of You: 'Food, Inc.' Hit a Facebook Milestone Today

Building on what the documentary started, this community keeps growing in size and impact.

(Design by Catherine Manzanares)

Mar 4, 2014· 0 MIN READ
Willy Blackmore is TakePart’s Food editor.

We’re celebrating 1 million “likes” on Facebook for Food, Inc. today, a milestone that, more than five years after the movie opened in theaters, shows how this community has come to represent far more than a documentary. Not only has the page become an open forum for debating issues related to food and agriculture the world over; this now million-strong crowd has impacted a variety of issues offline too.

Thanks to your signing actions related to everything from ag-gag laws to the use of antibiotics in organic fruit orchards, the Food, Inc. community has helped move the needle on policy issues and regulations. You’ve pushed the USDA on the issue of genetically engineered apples, spoken out against the excessive use of antibiotics in farm animals, and defended organic chickens against regulations that would keep them from roaming outdoors.

All of that was accomplished with fewer than 1 million people. Now, with greater numbers, this community can push the narrative of food and agriculture further toward progress and reform. A group voice like yours incites change, and crossing this threshold will only give the community more strength—and the potential to have an even greater impact on bigger issues in the years to come.