Evidence That Teachers Are the World's Coolest People: Mr. Wright's Classroom of Wizardry

Watch and remember how magical a master teacher is.
Jan 29, 2014· 0 MIN READ
Sarah Fuss is senior special projects editor at TakePart. She previously edited TakePart on MSN Causes and was a senior editor at Yahoo!

When a student is holding a fireball, everyone in that classroom is going to be wide awake. High school science teacher Jeffrey Wright has a point, but it's bigger than that. "Every one of those people are out there asking, 'How? How, how, how?' " he says in this New York Times video. "As soon as you get this kid asking, 'How?' or 'Why?,' I can rope them in and get that intrigue going. It's a love of learning!"

From the looks of this mini-documentary, Wright's teaching strategy is full of persuasive techniques for intriguing his students. In one scene he has kids sliding around the hallways by the force of jet propulsion. In another you'll see him instruct a kid to use a sledgehammer to smash a cinder block—balanced on top of a board of nails placed on his own chest—to prove laws of physics. But he's not just a lab wizard; he's a beloved mentor and a confidant to his students.

Teachers with Wright's compassion and creativity have interesting histories of their own. This video delves into Wright's home life to show how personal difficulties can be channeled into the kind of master teaching that students remember forever.