Dining Out on Christmas Eve? 'Tips for Jesus' Wants You to Tip Big Too

This philanthropic diner wants people to make working the holiday night worth employees' while.
Dec 20, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Willy Blackmore is TakePart’s Food editor.

Black Friday bleeding into Thanksgiving, longer hours at stores and restaurants on Christmas and Christmas Eve—with every passing year it seems like more and more low-wage workers aren’t invited to the whole celebrating-with-family-and-friends part of the holidays.

In November, Black Friday protests at Walmarts around the country led to arrests. But for Christmas Eve, Jack Shelby, the man purported to be behind the tip-giving spree chronicled on the Instagram account Tips for Jesus, is calling for a different response to the plight of restaurant employees working that night: Make it worth their while.

The post introducing the idea, dubbed Project Christmas Eve, reads, “Working Christmas Eve sucks, right? Join @tipsforjesus and make it awesome for your server.” Even if you can’t throw around a couple thousand dollars on a tip, you can still tag your own contribution #ProjectChristmasEve.

Judging by Tips for Jesus’ persistent giving spirit—there’s a photo from last week of a $1,750 tip left on an $88 check at a pub in Los Angeles—some lucky server is likely in for a sizable Christmas miracle of the monetary variety.