In Just 3 Minutes, See How the Media Totally Failed Women in 2013

Hypersexualized. Marginalized. Twerking. Cat fights. Need we go on?
Dec 5, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Shaya Tayefe Mohajer is TakePart's News Editor.

This year wasn't all bad when it comes to media representations of women.

We had Malala Yousefzai on the cover of Time magazine. A record number of women were nominated for Emmys in directing, chiseling away at that boys' club. And one of the most venerable broadcast news shows, PBS NewsHour, promoted two women to anchor its report.

Then there are the Carl's Jr. ads with scantily clad babes tearing into dripping cheeseburgers while striking sexy poses that are supposed to be somewhere between appetizing or arousing.

I think.

Judging by this video, it can seem that for every real-life woman's success, there are a hundred creepy, demeaning fantasies spawned by the minds of advertisers and media makers.

And there are way too many talking-head bullies who seem interested in telling a woman what her "place" is.

Watch the video and tell us: What do you think was the worst media representation of women in 2013?