How to Take the Perfect Selfie: Hint, It's Not All About Your Angles

New #unselfie campaign calls on all of us to be less selfie-absorbed and help others.

TakePart News Editor Shaya Tayefe Mohajer is a journalist who has worked in many corners of the world for major news organizations.

The collective vanity of this moment in history means we know all the tricks to taking unusually attractive pictures of ourselves: flash off, chin down, camera above the eye line, face tilted just so, and filters galore. 

Selfies, those arm's-length self-snapshots that litter the Internet as profile pictures and endless streams of content, are now so common that the word has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

But what's an unselfie? 

It's a selfie without all that bothersome posing and primping—the growing movement, with its own hashtag, #unselfie—was developed to spur people to action by being selfless. So, a selfie that actually does good and promotes doing good for others.

To join the campaign, you can make a sign that directs friends to support the aid groups working in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, and take a picture of yourself holding that sign over your face.

Ta-da! You've now done something rather #unselfish. Which means you've never looked more beautiful. And by posting it, you'll be in some impressive company.

That's a top diplomat from the U.S. to the Philippines, Brian Goldbeck.

The United Nations Foundation is rallying numerous charities around the hashtag and calling on people to support its Giving Tuesday campaign. Set for the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, the national day of giving to charity is one great way to give back after you've gorged on Thursday, shopped on Black Friday, and shopped in your pajamas on Cyber Monday. 

We here at TakePart love the idea of giving back and will be sharing our favorite charities to donate to on Giving Tuesday. We'll also be collecting your #unselfie pictures for a gallery on our Facebook page. Tag your #unselfie with @takepart if you'd like to be included! 

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