Apps for Practicing Meditation and Being Mindful—'TakePart Live: Tech Affect'

We share our favorite apps that help you take the time to disconnect.
Nov 20, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Jose Iniguez is TakePart Live's Interactive Producer. Prior to Pivot: MTV and RYOT News.

Every week we show you some apps, sites, and services that do more than monitor your favorite YouTube cat videos -- they give you high-tech solutions for real life problems. We call it the "Tech Affect."

This week's recommendations -- as featured on the Wednesday, Nov. 20 episode of TakePart Live -- were handpicked by our special guest expert, tech director at UC Irvine's Digital Media Learning Research Hub Tara Tiger Brown.

  • Pzizz – app that helps fix your sleeping-related issues and boosts your daily energy.

  • – trains users to meditate in 2 to 20 minute sessions.

  • Headspace provides guided meditation sessions for people typically on-the-go.

What are some of your favorite apps? Tweet @TakePartLive with the hashtag #TechAffect. We'll use them in an upcoming segment!

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