Possibly More Awesome Than a Gay Wedding: the Gay 'Bachelor'

Roses are red, but the gay Bachelor is blue.
Nov 19, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Shaya Tayefe Mohajer is TakePart's News Editor.

What would happen if "The Bachelor" was a gay man, and he was asked to choose a soul mate from a houseful of men vying for his affections?

In addition to creating a dating "reality" show that I'd actually watch, the hilarious twist is that a house full of attractive gay men on the prowl doesn't seem as conducive to the catty, backstabbing competition it usually devolves into with heterosexual couplings.

Instead of a reality show for romantic train wrecks, it looks like a really fun party for everyone except the ever-adorable Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family, the love-seeking bachelor who gets completely ignored.

The video from rights activist and Star Trek star George Takei depicts Ferguson getting more and more annoyed with the houseful of men—including *NSYNC's Lance Bass—who are having a ton of fun ignoring him.

When the dudes aren't interested in the bachelor who holds up a rose in the show's signature choosing ceremony, Ferguson has to hold up a rose and dejectedly ask, "Who wants one?"

All we know is, if the gay Bachelor ever does pick a prospective hubby, we want an invitation to the wedding.

Because who doesn't love an excuse to learn all the dance moves in a Beyoncé video?