Possibly More Awesome Than a Gay Wedding: the Gay 'Bachelor'

Roses are red, but the gay Bachelor is blue.

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What would happen if "The Bachelor" was a gay man, and he was asked to choose a soul mate from a houseful of men vying for his affections?

In addition to creating a dating "reality" show that I'd actually watch, the hilarious twist is that a house full of attractive gay men on the prowl doesn't seem as conducive to the catty, backstabbing competition it usually devolves into with heterosexual couplings.

Instead of a reality show for romantic train wrecks, it looks like a really fun party for everyone except the ever-adorable Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family, the love-seeking bachelor who gets completely ignored.

The video from rights activist and Star Trek star George Takei depicts Ferguson getting more and more annoyed with the houseful of men—including *NSYNC's Lance Bass—who are having a ton of fun ignoring him.

When the dudes aren't interested in the bachelor who holds up a rose in the show's signature choosing ceremony, Ferguson has to hold up a rose and dejectedly ask, "Who wants one?"

All we know is, if the gay Bachelor ever does pick a prospective hubby, we want an invitation to the wedding.

Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings from Matt and Oz on Vimeo.

Because who doesn't love an excuse to learn all the dance moves in a Beyoncé video?

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