Strangers Donate Over $14K to Help Bisexual Teen Disowned by His Family

When Nick's parents found out about his sexuality, they tossed his belongings into their front yard.
Nov 2, 2013· 1 MIN READ
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Nick is an 18-year-old Kennesaw State freshman who last month was disowned by his parents when they discovered he was bisexual.

The teen's father and step-mother reportedly took his car, along with all of the money in his bank account, and threw him and his remaining belongings out of their home.

Steve Bevers, whose mother-in-law works with Nick, not only took the teenager in, but also started a GoFundMe page for him. In just 10 days, that fund has so far netted the teenager over $14,000, and to thank his supporters, he posted the above video.

The description on his page states that the money in Nick's bank accounts totaled a "significant sum," which he'd saved up himself over three years, while working as a bag boy at Publix. The loss of that money, in addition to the car that he had been making payments on, meant that he had suddenly lost all of his savings, his transportation, his home and his family in a single afternoon.

Bevers explained, "We're working to show Nick that he is loved, even by strangers. That the horrible acts of some people will not be enough to stop him, and that with the help of people everywhere, he can get through this."

The Huffington Post reports that Nick will use the money to register for spring semester and hopes to put the remainder of it towards a new vehicle.

Nick's GoFundMe page is flooded with messages of support, which have no doubt provided a some comfort in the face of his parents' rejection. In his video message to his supporters, Nick said, "You guys pretty much saved my life."