Banksy's Latest Target? Ronald McDonald

A new sculpture of the McDonald’s mascot highlights the chain’s labor practices.

Banksy's Ronald McDonald. (Photo:

Oct 17, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Willy Blackmore is TakePart’s Food editor.

Banksy’s month-long exhibition in New York City continues to unfold, a new piece popping up with every passing day. Just days after debuting a truck-full of screaming, squealing plush farm animals in the Meatpacking District, he’s back to criticizing the food industry—McDonald’s, in particular.

The fiberglass sculpture, “Shoeshine,” shows a disapproving Ronald McDonald—“arguably the most sculpted figure in history after Christ"—having his clown shoes buffed by a “real live boy,” as the street artist’s website puts it. The half-satirical audio commentary calls the piece “a critique of the heavy labor required to sustain the polished image of a megacorporation.”

So if your non-mathematically inclined mind glossed over when you read about the $7 billion in social services low-wage fast-food workers have to claim in order to make ends meet, while the same corporations they toil for pull in $7 billion in profits annually, here’s your visual representation. How would you like to be polishing those shoes?