'Fat-Shaming Week' Is Horrible, But the Responses to It Are Genius

An attempt to embarrass women about their bodies rallies some particularly smart and funny reactions.
Shaming women about their bodies is nothing new; last year news anchor Jennifer Livingston addressed a viewer who sent her a letter saying that her size served as a bad example. (Photo: Jennifer Livingston/Facebook)
Oct 12, 2013· 2 MIN READ
A Bay Area native, Andri Antoniades has previously worked as a fashion industry journalist and a medical writer.

So apparently, "Fat-Shaming Week" is a thing, a terrible thing for the most obvious reasons, started by a men's-rights website named Return of Kings.

Created by pickup artist "Roosh V", the site's hypermasculine ethos forbids women and gay men from participating in its comments section, and proudly displays articles with titles like, "5 Reasons Fat Girls Don't Deserve Love" and "Obamacare Just Means More Free Sh** for Women."

There are other titles just like those, so many others as a matter of fact, but you get the picture.

The site's female-targeted body-shaming campaign was started on Twitter several days ago, with its own handle, @fatshamingweek. The tweets posted and retweeted by the handle are expectedly awful, and while the participants appear to be predominantly male, there are some women joining in as well. But their sentiments aren't going to get any more attention here.

The real story is the responses that some on Twitter have had to the campaign, retorts that are empowering, funny and sharp—and especially appropriate considering it's National Bullying Prevention Month. These are some of the best.