Modern Family Values and LGBT Equality, Tuesday on 'TakePart Live'

Plus, singer and actor Cheyenne Jackson previews his new show, "Full Circle."
Oct 8, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Jose Iniguez is TakePart Live's Interactive Producer. Prior to Pivot: MTV and RYOT News.

Tonight on 'TakePart Live,' we're "Chasing McCain" with Casey Pick of the Log Cabin Republicans, comedian Cameron Esposito, and program director at The Trevor Project David Bond as a follow up to Saturday night's 'Raising McCain' episode on gay rights and modern family values. How much work still needs to be done to ensure full equality? How can you be there for someone during the coming out process? All that, and more, during tonight's panel discussion.

The dating game has been shaken up by texting, online dating, and so much more, but don't fret! Dr. Jess is back with us again to answer your relationship and dating questions. Remember, you can tweet us any questions @TakePartLive you'd like for her to tackle.

Also on tonight's show, Seth Collins of the Aaron Collins Foundation! Seth's brother, Aaron, passed away last year at the age of 30 and left behind a last wish: for the family to go have dinner and leave behind a generous $500 tip for the service staff. He takes a pitstop on his national road trip to chat with us about continuing to grant his brother's wish time and time again.

Plus, multi-hyphenate Cheyenne Jackson's new DirecTV show "Full Circle" debuts tomorrow, but he's with us tonight to give you a first look!

All that and lots more tonight on 'TakePart Live.' Tune in 12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT on Pivot! Not sure what channel we're on? Click here to find Pivot in your area.