Enter for a Chance to Win! The Food, Inc. Awards Start Today

Show the world how the documentary’s message has influenced your life.
Sep 24, 2013· 1 MIN READ
Willy Blackmore is TakePart’s Food editor.

It’s been five years since Robert Kenner’s documentary Food, Inc. was released, and the conversations around issues like industrial agriculture, GMOs, and factory farming are still echoing today. But what’s all that talk worth if no real change is happening? Large-scale producing still dominates produce and meat production, and there’s an increasingly contentious debate building around GMO labeling.

But you know that changes have happened—because you are the Food, Inc. Movement. And we want to hear about them: From the personal shift in diet to the burgeoning nonprofit that was started to tackle these important issues in the food world. That’s why Participant Media started the Food, Inc. Awards: To highlight and celebrate the people whose personal and public lives are guided by the desire for real, good food.

Submissions start today, so put your name (or convince a friend to submit) in the ring and you could get the opportunity to win a trip to L.A., a produced TV spot on pivot, a feature on TakePart—and receive the first annual Food, Inc. Award, which you can proudly display on your mantle.

The Food, Inc. Lifestyle Award

This award recognizes an individual who embodies the eating revolution sparked by Food, Inc. The selected winner will have completely changed the way they approach food on a daily basis by going the extra mile when it comes to sustainable and ethical eating practices.

The Food, Inc. Pioneer Award

This award recognizes a local leader who created a community movement inspired by the film that encouraged food habits towards more sustainable, responsible and organic choices.

The Food, Inc. Nonprofit Award

This award recognizes an organization that has made great strides in the sustainable and ethical eating movement through funding projects, implementing on-the-ground work and/or inspiring great numbers of individuals to participate. This award will be hand-selected by our team of experts, so no submissions are necessary.