Funny or Die Thinks We Should Stop Loving That Anti-Factory Farming Chipotle Ad

Should we be more skeptical of the emotionally resonate animation?

(Image: Funny or Die)

Sep 19, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Willy Blackmore is TakePart’s Food editor.

We’re all the scarecrow.

That’s Funny or Die’s take on the Fiona Apple/Chipotle ad that pulled the Internet’s collective heartstrings last week. We’re all the scarecrow, and Chipotle, like the manipulative factory farm shown in the animation, is toying with our emotions.

Unlike the original videos the comedy website usually runs, this is in the vein of the Hitler Downfall meme: The animation runs as is, with reworked lyrics forming the critique. “What you see will be pure manipulation,” Fiona Apple’s stand-in sings.

It’s funny and poignant, the lyrics perfectly matching the emotional highs of the video, the song commanding, “If you want to cry, here’s where you’ll do it,” before “FEEL FEELINGS” flashes over the shot of sad-looking cows hiding behind a door.

And yeah, it is an ad, and thereby fundamentally manipulative. Chipotle doesn’t have a perfect record when it comes to meat, but it’s surely better than most restaurant chains—and it’s made strides to be more transparent about GMOs too. But maybe I just want to love this video, despite its corporate message?

The Funny or Die version closes by highlighting the more ad-like ending that we pointed out when writing about the original version: “Just engage, with our brand, and make sure you follow us on Twitter.”