The Funniest Tweets Blaming Climate Change for Absolutely Everything

Journalist Bill Moyers sparked a Twitter controversy, causing climate change deniers to bombard the social media site.
In retaliation for #otherthingscausedbyclimatechange, some climate change activists passed this image around Twitter. (Photo: Twitter)
Sep 8, 2013· 1 MIN READ
A Bay Area native, Andri Antoniades has previously worked as a fashion industry journalist and a medical writer.

Veteran journalist Bill Moyers published an article this week on his website explaining the link between climate change and war.

The piece included an interview with Francesco Femia, cofounder of the think tank Center for Climate and Security. Using Syria as an example, Femia explained that the lack of resources caused by climate change led to massive civil unrest in the country.

It's not a revolutionary idea; widespread drought, the ensuing collapse of the country's agricultural industry, and the resulting famine and poverty all lead to a volatile social environment.

But without having the character space to explain all that on Twitter, Moyers simply tweeted:

Taken out of context, the statement looks a bit non sequitur. (And sure, that could have been rectified if users clicked the link provided and read the article in its entirety, but this is the Internet—who has the time?) Unsurprisingly, the tweet sparked a few snarky exchanges.

But just hours later, Moyers' seemingly innocuous tweet ignited its own globally-trending hashtag, #otherthingscausedbyclimatechange, which has become the battle cry of climate deniers on Twitter. This morning they've used it to jokingly blame climate change for everything from "white girls twerking" to Dennis Rodman hanging out with Kim Jong Un.

Denying the existence of climate change certainly doesn't make its effects any less devastating, but at least it makes for some really entertaining reading. Here are some of the most memorable tweets from #otherthingscausedbyclimatechange.