Russian Authorities Confiscate Racy Putin Portrait

Russian cops seize paintings depicting lingerie-clad Putin and Medvedev in a gallery raid.

A demonstrator holds a poster depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin with makeup as he protests against homophobia and repression against gays in Russia.(Photo: Gerard Julien/Getty)

Aug 28, 2013
A Canadian ex-pat with a passion for pop culture, Carly is a multi-published author, public speaker and screenwriter.

Russia, in its quest to win friends and influence people by banning stuff, has a new target: the art world. Russian cops recently confiscated artwork from a St. Petersburg gallery.

The subject of one of the paintings makes the motive rather clear: It depicts President Vladimir Putin, dressed in a negligee, combing the hair of a scantily clad Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Two other paintings were also confiscated without explanation. And while it’s not clear what the paintings are of, word has it they, too, mock conservative MPs who are in support of the country’s recent anti-gay legislation.

We leave it to the reader to determine whether this constitutes artistic censorship, or if the world’s been done a favor by being spared the vision of Medvedev in what appears to be Victoria’s Secret’s finest push-up demi-cup. 

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