Glenn Beck Threatens to Fire Staffers for Using Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

The radio host also excoriates global warming and recycling.
Aug 27, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Salvatore Cardoni holds a political science degree from the George Washington University. He's written about all things environment since 2007.

So this happened.

Last week, radio host Glenn Beck doubled-down on his abhorrence for energy-efficient light bulbs, demanding that a staffer send a memo banning any employee from using CFLs.

Eco-friendly light bulbs—oh, the horror!

"I'm dead serious," said Beck, on his radio program. "I fire the person that starts to purchase fluorescent light bulbs, unless that is the only light bulb for a very specific reason, and I want to be cc'd on what that reason is."

I'm assuming he's referring to the bulbs that illuminate the desk lamps in his employees' offices—for surely the self-identified Libertarian isn't advocating the Big Brother-ish watch-doggery of his employees' personal lives, right?

The CFL vitriol is old territory for Beck, who "celebrated" Earth Day 2009 by smashing one on a Manhattan sidewalk.

Later in last week's program, Beck threw out some climate change zingers. "Global warming is a load of socialist, communist crap." (Zing!) "If anyone does anything in this company because of global warming, they're fired." (Zing!)

I shudder to think of the punishment that Beck would dole out if he ever saw an employee pulling up to a climate change rally in a Prius.

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