Ariel Got Her Legs, Now She’s Singing for Equal Pay

When are Disney’s Princesses—and all women—going to earn fair wages?

Being part of our world unfortuately involves dealing with the patriarchy. (Photo: YouTube)

Aug 23, 2013
A Canadian ex-pat with a passion for pop culture, Carly is a multi-published author, public speaker and screenwriter.

If you haven't seen it on Facebook or had it forwarded to you by your feminist friend, please do yourself the favor of watching this brilliantly awesome send-up of the equal-pay debate as presented by "Ariel" and her Disney Princess cohorts.

What's most telling about the message here isn't the depressingly well-worn fact that women are still stuck earning 30 cents less on the dollar to their male counterparts, but the comments that follow the video. For example, LifeIsABeach3210's snarky, "Maybe her computer isn't on." Or veedub447's missive, "The wage gap is a feminist myth." Or sisbrawny, who says, "men and women ARE paid equally. now shut up about it already!"

How about no?

Thanks, Princesses. Keep up the good work.

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