Tonight on ‘TakePart Live’: Life Without Water Sucks. A Lot.

Jacob and Cara talk voter laws in Texas, Internet satire, and ‘Last Call at the Oasis’ director Jessica Yu joins us to talk water conservation.
Aug 22, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Andrew Freeman is a California native with a degree in history from UCLA. He is particularly interested in politics and policy.

On TPL tonight we look at the Department of Justice’s challenge to voter identification and redistricting in Texas, Chelsea Manning’s next struggle against military policy after being sentenced yesterday, and finally: What happens when satirical Internet news is believed to be true?

On our panel we’ll check in with Jacob on his eight-day water challenge and discuss water conservation and consumption. Hopefully, he won’t be as dehydrated as the Colorado River, which has receded approximately 90 miles from the ocean over the last decade.

Joining us to provide some expert insight for our panel will be Hadley Arnold, the codirector of the Arid Lands Institute; Bob Bowcock, managing director, Integrated Resource Management; Last Call at the Oasis director Jessica Yu; and comedian Cameron Esposito.

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