Is Camping a White Person Thing?

The answer might very well surprise you.
Aug 20, 2013· 0 MIN READ
is a publicist for the Sierra Club.

This summer, the Sierra Club sent two outdoor youth ambassadors to Chicago for Outdoor Nation, where they worked with other leaders and outdoor champions from around the country to brainstorm innovative solutions to engage youth and inspire a love of the outdoors.

Daniel Cespedes and Izzy Weisz recorded and blogged about the training for the Sierra Club’s “The Best Internship on Earth” and asked some in attendance a difficult question: Is camping a white person thing?

Check out the video and find out what the next generation of outdoor leaders think—the answers will surprise you.

Each year, Sierra Club volunteers engage tens of thousands of young people from across the country on outings and have helped people of every age and background embrace the Sierra Club’s motto, “Enjoy, Explore and Protect the Planet.”