‘TakePart Live’ Tonight: Government Intimidation of Journalists

Jacob and Cara talk gay conversion therapy, Zuckerberg’s wall posts and government intimidation.
Aug 19, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Andrew Freeman is a California native with a degree in history from UCLA. He is particularly interested in politics and policy.

On TPL tonight, a Republican bans gay conversion therapy in his state (yeah, you read that right) and Mark Zuckerberg gets a surprise wall post from a guy (with a sweet Edward Snowden profile pic) just trying to prove that Facebook’s security settings suck.

Speaking of Snowden, our panel will tackle the latest in anti-terror, big governement intrusion: David Miranda, partner of Glenn Greenwald—the Guardian journalist who broke the Snowden story to the world—was detained at Heathrow Airport by British authorities under an anti-terrorism law. After being questioned for nine hours, Miranda was released and his belongings were confiscated. Jacob and Cara will discuss the laws and ethics at play in government intimidation of journalists and their associates. Joining us on our panel will be comedian Kimmy Gatewood.

Finally, we’ll interview Megan Pratt and Alicia Ostarello from 50/50 A Dating Doc, and chat with Million Hoodies Movement for Justice founder Daniel Maree.

Don’t miss the start of our first challenge! Jacob will be rationing his water consumption and purifying his own water using a different method each day for the next 8 days. He will be keeping a log, tweeting and posting videos about the process.