Wanna See the Earth Breathe for Real? Watch This Stunning GIF

Images laced together from NASA’s Visible Earth show the cycling seasons of our planet reduced to just a few seconds of ceaseless movement.
Aug 14, 2013
Anna Hess is an editorial intern at TakePart. She is the Crime and Legal beat reporter for the University of Pennsylvania’s daily newspaper, The Daily Pennsylvanian, and volunteers as a mentor in the West Philadelphia public school district.

(Photo: John Nelson/NASA)

You can almost hear it sigh. Our third rock from the sun inhaling the solid ice of winter and exhaling in the heat of summer, as the world keeps turning and spinning.

John Nelson, a user-experience expert for the software firm IDV Solutions, posted this GIF, which laces together NASA's Visible Earth images. The GIF is made up of 12 NASA photographs, one taken each month in 2004.

The GIF reveals the dramatic way Earth freezes over each season, only to thaw into the infinite blue deep in the warmth of a summer sun.

Unfortunately, climate change has the power to skew the yin-yang balance. Unprecedented Arctic ice cap loss could tip the scale in favor of the great watery drink, to the detriment of human and fauna alike.

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