14-Year-Old Schools Talk Show Host About the Dangers of GMOs

Canadian teen Rachel Parent eviscerates the pro-GMO arguments offered up by television host Kevin O’Leary.
Aug 12, 2013
Editorial Intern. She is the Chief of Broadcast and Op-Ed Section Editor for Crossfire Publications.

In today’s food-obsessed culture, a teen with strong convictions about what she eats might not turn many heads. But a 14-year-old in Canada took things a step further, venting her feelings on the dangers of GMOs—in front of millions.

On July 31, Rachel Parent went on the popular Canadian talk show The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, where she defended her position in the face of vehement opposition from show host Kevin O’Leary.

Parent argued that consumers should know what’s in their food and that Mother Nature shouldn’t be altered, while O’Leary accused her of being a lobbyist for the anti-GMO movement.

The two butted heads on the issue for the duration of show, with O’Leary concluding the segment by insisting that Parent would grow out of her beliefs.

What do you think? Is Parent uninformed, or is this a case of truth coming from the mouth of babes?

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