Tonight on ‘TakePart Live’: The Voting Rights Act and Racial Discrimination

Cara and Jacob talk about the Voting Rights Act, marijuana, and your (lack of) Internet privacy.
Aug 6, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Andrew Freeman is a California native with a degree in history from UCLA. He is particularly interested in politics and policy.

Tonight on TPL, Wikipedia fights for online privacy, while someone with a Senate IP address makes some rather odd page edits. In Uruguay, plans for a legal marijuana market are underway, and in Texas, legislators are looking for new ways to violate women’s bodies. (Yay?)

Also, we’re celebrating the 48th anniversary of the (recently gutted) Voting Rights Act by asking: Why don’t more Americans vote?

Comedian John Heffron, Omaze cofounders Ryan Cummings and Mathew Pohlsonas, and National Geographic’s Darren Foster join us on the panel to talk about the differences between states when it comes to voting rules and regulations.

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