14 Signs You Might Be #pivoting

Aug 1, 2013· 1 MIN READ
is the President of Pivot, a division of Participant Media.

In honor of the launch of our Millennial-minded sister network, we asked Pivot president and relentlessly snappy dresser Evan Shapiro to give TakePart readers a quick guide to #pivoting. He exceeded our expectations, but were getting used to that.

1. You’ve been keeping track of #EdwardSnowden’s ’round-the-world tour, both for news on his whereabouts and for interesting off-the-beaten-track vacation ideas (#SnowdenVacations).

2. You care way less about Amanda Bynes’ new hobby (aka arson) than that 66.6 percent of Pussy Riot is still in prison.

Photo: Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

3. To you, a wedding is between ANY two people who love each other; a “gay wedding” just means the couple hired a great DJ; and the Red Wedding—can’t talk about it…too soon.

4. You’ll never hear the word hoodie the same way again.

Photo: Andrees Latif/Reuters

5. Wake up. Tinder. “Yeah, I still got it.”

6. For you, The Nightly News comes from Reddit, six to 16 times a day.

7. One word: kale.

8. A constantly looming existential crisis: Will Smith is now older than the actor who played Uncle Phil when The Fresh Prince premiered.

9. #FOMO

10. You furrow your brow whenever you hear someone use complex as a bad word.

11. Despite being often overwhelmed by the chaos of the world today, you are still excited to see what’s around the bend.

12. You just can’t help yourself. Grumpy Cat makes you laugh.

13. You understand that past is prelude, and what’s ahead is not a forgone conclusion. You believe we can actually change the course of things, as long as we all agree to ignore conventional wisdom, reach way out beyond our comfort zones, and forever ban the phrase “we just don’t do things that way.”

14. To you, time is more valuable than money, and time well spent is priceless.

If any of the above made you nod your head, you may indeed be #pivoting. And for you, today, we launch our new channel, Pivot.

It’s a next-generation TV network for the New Greatest Generation. And while a TV network alone can’t change the world, at Pivot, we hope to entertain and inspire the community who can: you. We hope you watch.

Keep #pivoting.