McDonald’s CEO on Feeding His Kids Burgers and Fries

Don Thompson is fine with his kids getting a meal at McD’s—but they have to eat vegetables too.

McDonald's Don Thompson

McDonald's CEO Don Thompson. (Photo: Getty Images)

Willy Blackmore is TakePart’s Food editor. He has written for The Awl, The New Inquiry, and elsewhere.

In a familial spin on the classic “I’m not only the president, I’m also a client” line, McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson talked about feeding his own kids hamburgers and French fries yesterday on Bloomberg TV’s In the Loop.

“I bring my kids to McDonald’s now because the food is high-quality. It’s safe,” he tells the show’s host, Betty Liu. “If my kids want to have fries, you know what, I’m gonna let my kids have fries, If they are active and if they’re moving, there's nothing wrong with having some fries. Burgers and fries are an American staple.”

There’s a caveat, however, and its name is vegetables: “On the same token, my kids eat vegetables and they always have eaten vegetables. They didn’t have a choice but to eat vegetables.”

So Thompson appears to be of the all things in moderation camp, which we can get down with, to a point. If only he could bring a bit of that balance to bear on the company he runs. 

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