Pivot Launches Original Series ‘Please Like Me’

Jul 16, 2013· 1 MIN READ
Eve Epstein is the VP of Programming at TakePart

You know that awkward moment when your girlfriend breaks up with you because you're gay and your roommate has angry sex in the next room while you're trying to finish dinner and you move back in with your emotionally unstable mother?

Okay, maybe not. But anyone who's ever experienced the identity crises, family dramas, and sustaining friendships of twentysomething life will relate to Please Like Me, the acclaimed Australian show from comedian Josh Thomas, airing exclusively on Pivot on August 1 in a marathon block of all six full episodes. Perhaps most excitingly, pivoters eager for a sneak peek can watch the first episode today on Pivot.tv.

Thomas, who based the series on his own experiences coming out and growing up, finds a way to treat sensitive subject matter with both humor and compassion.

"Mostly what's difficult about using true events is being honest and funny and dramatic without hurting the feelings of the real life people involved," shares Thomas. "The Please Like Me mum is different to my mum, but my mum really has dealt with depression and has overdosed a few times, which is a hugely private part of her life to let me talk about. I told her I thought it was important, because most people are going to have to experience someone they love attempting suicide and I didn't know many shows that were talking about it honestly. When she gave me permission, I thought it was because that inspired her, but now I'm starting to suspect she just doesn't want to get in the way of me earning money because she wants me to buy her things when she's old."

Viewers inspired by Thomas's unique blend of humor, awkwardness, courage and sweetness in the face of adversity can also join the social action campaign inspired by the show, which invites viewers to upload their own "Please Like Me" stories about challenges they've faced in their own lives. Like the show itself, the campaign aims to help us all feel a little less isolated in our struggles, and a lot more lovable.

"The reason why I love sharing my own awkward and sometimes horrible experiences is I think if they've happened to me, they've probably happened to millions of people," says Thomas of the campaign. "I think when people open up about the things they are embarrassed about, they give other people a chance to realize that what they think is embarrassing is normal, and if something is normal, it's not embarrassing anymore. That's what I like about this campaign—it's a chance to shake-it-all-out with strangers."

Don’t miss Please Like Me only on Pivot. Click here to see if Pivot is available in your area or request it now!