#StandWithWendy Memes Are About Refusing to Sit Down and Keep Quiet

Hashtags related to Sen. Davis trended worldwide when she filibustered a Texas anti-choice bill.
Jun 27, 2013· 1 MIN READ
A Bay Area native, Andri Antoniades has previously worked as a fashion industry journalist and a medical writer.

With all the press coverage about the Supreme Court yesterday, you may have missed the landmark event that went down in Texas.

In case you did, Senator Wendy Davis successfully blocked a controversial anti-abortion bill, known as SB5, in a one-woman filibuster event that stretched out over 12 hours. Texas' strange rules prohibited her from sitting, leaning on anything, eating, drinking, or taking a single break during that time.

If it passed, SB5 would have been among the most restrictive legislation in the country and would have essentially ended access to safe abortion services for most Texan women.

It turns out, the senator's work is not done. Despite having killed the bill, Gov. Rick Perry has revived it. He's ordered a second Special Session to take place on July 1 to once more argue about SB5.

Nonetheless, Davis has already galvanized a nation of supporters. In the course of her filibuster session, hundreds of pro-choice protestors physically showed up to support her, and almost half a million more tweeted about her with the hashtags, #StandWithWendy and #SB5. Helped no doubt by the more than 170,000 viewers watching the livestream of Davis' performance, national support for the senator has taken on an internet life of its own.

These memes are the results of those efforts and the symbols of the best kind of politician; one who's unwavering in her convictions and fearless when it comes to expressing them. Welcome to the national stage, Senator Davis.

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