How You Can Help ‘Super Smoothies’ Fight Childhood Hunger

Seeing the new film ‘A Place at the Table’ can actually assist a toddler suffering from food insecurity.
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Feb 27, 2013
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What if by simply watching a film about hunger you could give a meal to a food-insecure infant or toddler? Well, this weekend you can do just that. 

A Place at the Table, the acclaimed new documentary that shines a light on America's hidden hunger crisis, opens in theaters and becomes available for download online this Friday, March 1. 

And this weekend, if you buy a movie ticket or the companion book or e-book, or download the film, Plum Organics will donate one of their "super smoothie" baby food pouches to an infant or toddler in need. (Up to 100,000 meals.)

"There are 17 million little ones out there that are food insecure, that aren't getting access to regular meals, that don't know where their next meal is coming from," says Plum Organics CEO Neil Grimmer. "And when they are getting access to food, it is not food that is nutritionally designed to really optimize their growth at those earliest stages."

Grimmer and his colleagues at Plum Organics have been dreaming up better ways to deliver nutrition to children at the earliest stage possible since the company was founded. Plum uses ingredients that most health-conscious adults pile into their grocery carts, but which aren't normally associated with baby food—like quinoa, Greek yogurt, purple carrots, spinach, and amaranth. 

The "Super Smoothie" inspired by A Place at the Table is specially formulated to help ease the nutritional deficit faced by babies and toddlers suffering from food insecurity. 

Nationwide, 50 million Americans don't know where their next meal is coming from—and one in four of them are children. 

"What we feed our little ones from the very first bite materially shapes their health and their eating habits for life," Grimmer says. "We realized we weren't reaching families that—for whatever reason—don't have the means to opt into that great healthy food that we provide."

So that's where you come in: When you buy a movie ticket, download the film from iTunes or OnDemand, or buy a copy of the PublicAffairs Books' A Place at the Table companion book between March 1-3, Plum Organics will donate a Super Smoothie to a child. You'll find promotions in Barnes & Noble and other independent booksellers nationwide. (Or check out Amazon online.)

One ticket or book. One baby. One meal. It's just that simple. 

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