Clip of the Day: Jon Stewart Pokes Fun at Harvard for Cheating Scandal

‘The Daily Show’ host mocks the university for their ‘take-home and open-Internet’ test.
Feb 12, 2013· 0 MIN READ
Andrew Freeman is a California native with a degree in history from UCLA. He is particularly interested in politics and policy.

Last May America's oldest and most prestigious academic institution, Harvard University, was rocked by a cheating scandal, leading to the investigation of as many as 125 students. The incident involved a take-home exam in which students were allowed to use their notes, books, and the all-powerful Internet, but were forbidden from getting help from any other person.

More than eight months later, administrators at Harvard have decided that 60 students will be forced to withdraw from the school for a period of time due to academic dishonesty. This will upset Harvard's withdrawal averages. From 2005 to 2010, an average of 17 students were annually forced to leave the school due to academic dishonesty, according to the Administrative Board of Harvard. The recent incident of academic dishonesty is the largest in Harvard's history.

As Stewart points out with a wry smile, the cheating occurred in the class named Government 1310: Introduction to Congress. The Crimson have no shortage of politicians, with 42 Harvard alumni in the 113th Congress, and one in the Oval Office.