Olivia Neubauer: 100-Year-Old Teacher Leaves a Loving Legacy

Olivia Neubauer dedicated 77 years of her life to teaching kids to read.

Olivia Neubauer impacted the lives of many children throughout her 77-year teaching career. (Photo: ABC 7)

Nov 12, 2012
Jenny Inglee is a Los Angeles-based journalist and the Education Editor at TakePart.

Olivia Neubauer, who passed away this Sunday, was not someone who took to the idea of retirement. Education was her passion, and at 100 years old, she was still teaching kindergarten and preschool children how to read.

"Reading," she said in an NBC Nightly News piece, is "so important."

According to ABC 7 in Chicago, Olivia Neubauer began teaching at Pullman Tech High School in 1935. Since 1964, she had been educating children at Ashburn Lutheran School, a school she founded in the South Side of Chicago.

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Olivia Neubauer's 77-year dedication to teaching kids has not gone unnoticed. Teenager Ashley Hudson told NBC that she would not be where she is without Mrs. Neubauer. For decades, many of Mrs. Neubauer's students have felt similarly. 

Here is a look back at Mrs. Neubauer's inspiring teaching career, which aired in celebration of her 100th birthday back in March.

Jenny is the Education Editor at TakePart. She has been writing for TakePart since 2009 and previously worked in film and television development. She has taught English in Vietnam and tutors homeless children in Los Angeles. Email Jenny | @jennyinglee | TakePart.com

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