The Cutest Unkillable Dog: Ethan the Jack Russell Terrier Survives Poisoning, Getting Buried Alive

Police in France hunt Ethan's would-be killer.
Oct 23, 2012· 1 MIN READ
Jenna is a Editorial Intern at TakePart and a high school senior in New York City.

A whole lot of Good Samaritans turned a horrific episode of animal abuse into a story with a fairytale ending.

In Northern France, a Jack Russell terrier named Ethan survived being poisoned and buried alive last Friday. On the eve of his third birthday, Ethan was rushed by firefighters to a veterinarian’s office, where he arrived “flat as a pancake” and “barely breathing.” The vet used hot water bottles to warm the dog up.

Ethan was unearthed after a passerby saw the ground moving. His savior immediately found a shovel and began digging. The movement was reportedly due to the dog’s convulsions from the poisoning.

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Only a day later, Ethan was back to normal and “without a scratch.” With Ethan out of the woods, attention is being focused on finding and prosecuting the perpetrator. Using a microchip embedded in the dog, officials were able to track down his previous owner, who says that he gave Ethan up for adoption before this occurred.

Ethan is still being looked after by his doctors as well as a French animal association.

It’s easy to feel rage towards the heinous person who tried to bury their dog alive. But there were also a lot of heroes involved in Ethan’s story, from the person who went out of his way to dig him up to the firefighters that reacted quickly to take Ethan to the hospital to Ethan’s current vets and caregivers.

For every person like Ethan’s assailant, there are people like 66-year-old Steve Gustafson, who wrestled an alligator to save his dog. For every inhumane pet owner, there’s a pet guardian like 12-year-old Damon Boyer-Marwood, who stood up to bullies to rescue a canine.

We should do everything in our power to indict animal abusers, while also celebrating people who go out of their way to protect their animal companions.

If Ethan's would-be killer is ever caught, what punishment should he / she receive?