TakePart TV Switches On!

Our social revolution launches on YouTube with an inspiring lineup including Dan Savage, Kobe Bryant, and Henry Rollins.
TakePart TV: Welcome to your new favorite YouTube network.
Oct 2, 2012· 1 MIN READ
Nichol Nelson hails from Minnesota, but has worked in food journalism in New York and Los Angeles for more than a decade. She served as an editor with Gourmet magazine for six years, and has contributed to several other digital and print food publications.

The Internet can be a wormhole of negativity. You’re never more than two mouse clicks away from bickering, sniping, and posturing.

Here at TakePart, we think that kind of content is depressing. And more importantly, it’s flat-out dull. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of TakePart TV, a new YouTube channel where joy, wit, and raw talent meet human kindness, intellectual curiosity, and real issues.

My colleague, Evan Shapiro, President of Participant Television, has approached this venture with single-minded vision, hell-bent on creating content that's both entertaining and inspiring. The goal, he says, is to “bridge the gap between heartfelt idealism and slap-stick humor by bringing provocative programming that will engage dialogue and, better yet, give viewers a way to take action on the issues that they care most about.”

Located at www.youtube.com/takepart, and prominently featured throughout TakePart.com, TakePart TV is rolling out a roster of wildly diverse, exceptionally engaging shows:

• Henry Rollins has made an art form out of telling it like it is. The former Black Flag front man and spoken-word provocateur headlines "Capitalism," a two-month, 50-state tour that will define what it means to be an American seeking truth in the morass of modern presidential campaigning.

• Alison Sudol, the voice and guiding light behind A Fine Frenzy, presents "Story of Pines," an animated film that weaves to life the songs of her third studio album in a tale of a last tree seeking its lost forest.

• Dan Savage, the singular visionary of the “Savage Love” advice column and the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign, is TakePart TV’s "American Savage," bringing his unique mix of outrage, reason and compassion to topics ranging from religion to sex ed to LGBT rights. He’ll serve as a guide to all things unjust, strangely wrong or wildly hopeful.

• Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant leaves the limelight of the NBA for the gritty streets of Los Angeles’s Mission district, where he’ll spotlight incredible stories of homeless—but not hopeless—L.A. residents in "Mission."

• TakePart TV’s flagship series, "BFD: Brain Food Daily," dissects stories missed by the mainstream, and delivers those underreported, irreverent morsels with wry wit and engaging insight.

Want a taste of what's to come? Check us out. Or catch Henry Rollins in Juneau, Alaska. Need a fix of news plus humor? Tune in to "Brain Food Daily: When Candidates Attack."

We’re rolling out an entirely new type of content at TakePart TV, and we want you along for the ride. So, turn on, tune in, and take part!

--Nichol Nelson, Editorial Director, TakePart.com