Devoted Family Dog Keeps Vigil Over His Master’s Grave for Six Years

The German shepherd refuses to leave the cemetery where his master is buried.
Dogs can have a sense of loyalty that surpasses people. (Photo: Stig Andersen/Getty Images)
Sep 15, 2012· 1 MIN READ
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Stories of mistreated or neglected family pets abound in our culture; millions are euthanized each year, some are used for bloodsport, more are simply neglected. But these creatures, when well-treated, can serve as selfless and dedicated family members. One in particular, a German shepherd named Capitan, has kept vigil at his deceased master’s grave for the past six years, Yahoo! News reports.

The dog, who lives in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina, was purchased by Miguel Guzman in 2006 as a present for his son. A year later, Guzman died and shortly thereafter, Capitan reportedly disappeared from the family home.

Victoria Guzman explained to that she assumed the dog had probably gotten free and had been run over. But a week after her husband’s death, she found Capitan at the cemetery sitting on top of Miguel Guzman’s grave. Capitan has sat there, presumably keeping his master company, ever since.

Cemetery director, Hector Baccega, tells LaVoz that he and his staff regularly feed and take care of the animal, who rarely leaves Guzman’s headstone. "During the day he sometimes has a walk around the cemetery, but always rushes back to the grave. And every day, at six o'clock sharp, he lies down on top of the grave, stays there all night."

So how did Capitan find his master’s burial site? That remains a mystery. Veronica Guzman reports that the family never brought the dog to her husband's grave. However, Guillermo Burr, a veterinarian interviewed by LaVoz, hypothesized that the animal may have followed his owner’s scent to the cemetery and used it to zero in on his exact headstone.

Though Guzman’s son Damian reports that the family has tried to bring their pet home several times, the dog always leaves to return to the cemetery. "I think he's going to be there until he dies too. He's looking after my dad."

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