A Real-Life Hunger Game Aims to Teach College Kids About Feeding the World

The U.N. Food Programme has released a quiz to help students understand the issue of global hunger.
Think you know about global hunger? Take a quiz from the World Food Programme to find out. (Photo: Andrew Bret Wallis/Getty Images)
Sep 17, 2012
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How much do you know about global hunger?

The United Nations World Food Programme has released a new hunger quiz, targeted at college-age kids, which is designed to give more insight into the world’s number-one health risk.

“As the world’s largest humanitarian organization fighting hunger, we know firsthand that university students are critical as we innovate to feed our growing world,” wrote Ali Goldstein, communications and outreach coordinator for WFP, in an e-mail to TakePart. “Their energy, creativity, and passion will transform how we fight hunger.”

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According to the WFP, one out of seven individuals are currently chronically hungry. About 925 million people across the world do not have enough to eat, and almost all of them live in developing countries.

The quiz is “designed to be easily tweeted and pinned,” Goldstein said, helping students get the word out to their classmates. Students who take the quiz will also be entered into a raffle to win a donated iPad.

What are you waiting for? Take the quiz here.

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