Want Super-Human Strength? Put Down the Steroids and Pick Up a ‘Cooling Glove’

Stanford claims 'Cooling Glove' the device rapidly cools the body and the effects are “better than steroids.”
This 'cooling glove' claims to speed muscular recovery. (Photo: Steve Fyffe/Stanford University)
Sep 9, 2012· 1 MIN READ
A Bay Area native, Andri Antoniades has previously worked as a fashion industry journalist and a medical writer.

According to a press release on their website, researchers at Stanford announced this week that they’ve stumbled upon a modern-day elixir that can bestow super-human powers on those who use it. Except it’s not a liquid you drink, but a glove that you wear.

The cooling glove controls the body’s temperature through the palm of the hand. Human beings are most efficient at shedding heat through points on the body like the palms because they’re hairless and blood vessels tend to congregate there at shallow depths.

Using this knowledge, Stanford biologists developed a technology in the glove that speeds up the process, quickly sucking heat out of the body, thereby cooling its core temperature.

Why is this amazing?

Because just like steroids, the cooling glove allows the muscles in the body to recover at a vastly accelerated pace from exertion or injury. This enables the body to bounce back like new after a grueling exercise session or during recovery from a muscle strain. And the university claims the glove can accomplish all this without the side-effects or jail time that comes with using steroids.

Gizmodo reports that in one laboratory test, a subject was able to increase his pullups per session from 180 to 620 over a span of six weeks, simply by wearing the glove for a few minutes between each set.

Though Stanford reports it’s nearing a completed commercial version to launch on the market, it’s not yet set an exact date.

Does the cooling glove sound like something you’d be willing to try, or does recovering the old-fashioned way suit you just fine?