School Supplies Needed! Help Special Education Students Tell Their Stories

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Sep 3, 2012
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The students in Mrs. McMonnies' K-2 special education class learn in a variety of ways. According to Mrs. McMonnies, they have a wide range of academic, social, and behavioral needs, but are incredibly creative and inquisitive. 

Because of their different needs, her students at Seattle's Olympic Hills Elementary School face day-to-day challenges. Often, communicating with verbal language and words can be difficult—something that serves as a huge roadblock when it comes to improving their literacy. Mrs. McMonnies' hope is to create a special, comfortable place in her classroom library area where her students can use felt boards and storytelling kits to share their own stories.

You can help make this possible through DonorsChoose:


"Students that have difficulty with verbal language will be able to retell a story using felt pieces allowing them to fully participate in the reading process," Mrs. McMonnies wrote on her DonorsChoose program page. "They will also be able to use the felt pieces to sequence stories and daily events without having to rely on verbal language."

Mrs. McMonnies is asking for a Create-a-Scene Felt Board and storytelling kit, along with 12 comfortable seats to build out her special reading area. 

"These resources will make a difference by allowing my students to be active participants in their education," Mrs. McMonnies wrote. "We all need the opportunity to become readers and with these resources my students with have the support they need to reach that goal."

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