Help an Ohio Teacher Replace Worn-Out Music Instruments!

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Students at an urban school in Columbus, Ohio, are eager to play music, but are stuck using worn-out instruments. (Photo: David Redfern)
Sep 3, 2012
Jenny Inglee is a Los Angeles-based journalist and the Education Editor at TakePart.

Mrs. Batdorf's middle school students have a passion for music, but are stuck using old, worn-out instruments. While there is much support in the community for music education, funding is not adequate. Students share instruments, most of which are over 20 years old, and the little budget they have is spent on reeds and repairs.

"In fact," Mrs. Batdorf writes on her DonorsChoose program page, "each year we must decide what instruments get repaired and which will have to wait yet another year."

At the start of this school year, Mrs. Batdorf is asking for help in purchasing a new trombone for students interested in playing brass instruments. You can help make this possible through DonorsChoose:


"This new trombone will help my students that are currently enrolled in band as well as help me add a few more students," Mrs. Batdorf writes. "Our bands have grown steadily over the years but our low brass section is still rather small."

Mrs. Batdorf doesn't take your donation lightly. She writes, "I appreciate the lesson that you are helping me to teach my students in regards to giving back. Character education is perhaps the most important part of my job and the lessons you all have taught my students are truly invaluable."

Jenny is the Education Editor at TakePart. She has been writing for TakePart since 2009 and previously worked in film and television development. She has taught English in Vietnam and tutors homeless children in Los Angeles. Email Jenny | @jennyinglee |

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