Microscopes Needed! Help a Texas Teacher Empower Young Minds With Science

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Diane Frame wants to engage her students in the wonderful world of science and needs your support. (Photo: Maria Pavlova)
Sep 3, 2012
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Diane Frame wants to get her kindergarteners excited about science.

A teacher at Gibson Caldwell Elementary School in McKinney, Texas, Mrs. Frame works with students from “disadvantaged circumstances, who lack the opportunities to develop critical skills outside of school.”

Frame, who has been teaching for 17 years, hopes that her young students’ experiences at school “bridge the gap” and offer much of the valuable activity they don’t get anywhere else. To improve the science education at her school, Frame is looking to purchase supplies such as microscopes, prisms, and excavation kits.

But she needs help to do so, and is asking for donations from kind souls who would be willing to support science education. With DonorsChoose, you can make this possible:


“[Science] is an area that children from disadvantaged circumstances tend to struggle with,” Frame said. “Providing hands-on, discovery-based, scientific experiences early on will give these children critical vocabulary and understanding of…how our world makes sense through the scientific lens.”

Frame’s young, predominantly Hispanic kids often face more challenges than just science. More than three-fourths of the school is considered economically disadvantaged, and 42 percent have limited proficiency in English.

“Children from disadvantaged backgrounds come to school with limited experiences, which leads to significant deficits in vocabulary and other academic skills,” Frame said.

In other words, many of Frame’s learners come in already behind their peers—making her job not only to help them catch up but to also get ahead. Frame and her fellow teachers serve free breakfast in the morning, send food home on weekends to those who need it, dole out clothes and school supplies, tutor students, and much more.

“It is a day-to-day challenge that we rise up to each morning,” Frame said. “If there’s a need, we try to find a way to meet it. Children deserve that.”

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