The Daily Dirt: August 23, 2012

Get the scoop on matters of the Earth: climate change, green technology, and the path to a sustainable future.

Chinese solar panel producers are faced with high competition, a decreasing market and a looming shortage of rare earth metals for their photovoltaic cells. (Photo: ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)

Aug 23, 2012· 0 MIN READ
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Asia Helping Iran Through Sanctions

China, India, Japan and South Korea keep Iran's oil industry afloat while Europe and the United States continue their boycott.

Weak Sales Worry Chinese Solar Industry

Depressed economies in Europe and America, compounded by domestic competition, are driving down the price of Chinese solar panels.

SEC Votes for Oil Transparency

In a two to one vote, the Securities and Exchange Commission decided oil companies must disclose contributions and taxes paid to foreign governments.

Rare Earth Metals Must Be Phased Out of Solar

Solar-panel makers are seeking ways to produce photovoltaic cells without using hard-to-mine rare earth metals.

India Approved for Australian Coal Mine

India's GVK Power and Infrastructure receives approval for a $10 billion coal and rail project in Queensland.