How 'The Cove' Campaign Is Working (Infographic)

Aug 22, 2012
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How The Cove Campaign is Working

In 2009, the world learned about the Taiji cove, a remote coastal inlet in South Central Japan that harbored a dark secret. Every year, fishermen killed thousands of dolphins and sold their mercury-tainted meat throughout Japan. But a dedicated group of activists launched a global campaign to end the slaughter. And it’s been working. 

What will you be doing to stop the 2012-2013 Taiji dolphin slaughter?

'Cove' Star Ric O'Barry's 2012 Resolution: End Taiji Slaughter

2012 Taiji Dolphin Slaughter: A Hunting Season in Review

Hong Kong Airlines Brags About Shipping Kidnapped Cove Dolphins


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