Surprise: ‘Natural’ Brands Like Kashi and Naked Oppose GMO Labeling Too

Many of the natural brands you’ve come to trust are owned by huge corporations that want nothing to do with GMO labeling.
Aug 16, 2012· 0 MIN READ
Nichol Nelson hails from Minnesota, but has worked in food journalism in New York and Los Angeles for more than a decade. She served as an editor with Gourmet magazine for six years, and has contributed to several other digital and print food publications.

GMOs Your Right To Know

The debate over labeling GMOs is heating up, and some surprising brands are behind the fight against it.

California's Prop 37, a law that would require GMO ingredients to be clearly labeled, has riled up companies on both sides of the issue. Food giants like Monsanto, Coca-Cola, and Nestle have contributed more than $23 million to fight the measure, which will be on the ballot on November 6, according to the California Secretary of State. (Compare that to the measly $2.6 million supporters have raised.)

But consumers might not realize that many of the "natural" brands they've grown to trust are owned by the corportations fighting the proposed law.

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Kashi and Gardenburger? Owned by Kellogs, who have forked over more than $600,000 to stop the measure. Izze and Naked? Owned by PepsiCo, which has donated $1.7 million. Silk and Horizon? They're under the Dean Foods umbella, and that company has given $250,000 to keep GMO labels from happening, according to the Cornicopia Institute.

So what can you do? Stop supporting brands that are against the measure. The Cornicopia Institute has a handy guide to see which brands support GMO transparency.

"If the food and biotech industries are so proud of their pervasive genetically manipulated crops, why are they so afraid, and so desperately opposed to labeling it?"Arran Stephens, founder of Nature's Path, an organic cereal and granola brand, said in a statement.

If you're looking to avoid GMOs, one sure way is to look for the certified organic label. No genetically modified ingredients are allowed in products with this seal.

Do you seek out products that are GMO-free?