Democrats Suggest Support for Gay Marriage; Go on Death Watch

Reaction to the party’s (possible) same-sex inclusion plank is swift and Biblical.

The Reverend Pat Robertson claims he has deflected hurricanes with prayer. That does not mean Democrats will be swayed by every ill wind he blows. (Photo: Screen Grab)

Jul 31, 2012
Allan MacDonell is TakePart’s News + Opinion editor, with a focus on social justice.

No sooner had Representative Barney Frank’s office confirmed that the Democratic Party’s platform this fall may include support for gay marriage, than the Reverend Pat Robertson, of the 700 Club, counseled: “If that’s what they want to do, fine, but it will mean the death knell of their party…. Maybe they have a death wish.”

Cynics insist that the Democrats are pandering to that slight majority of American people, including President Barack Obama, who favor legalized marriage equality.

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The Democrats may want to keep in mind that no major political party in America has ever secured a second term for an incumbent president while explicitly including gay marriage as a positive in its PowerPoint presentations.

In fact, gay marriage has never been embraced as a winning issue by either of the many relevant political parties in the entire history of this country.

Perhaps taking into account the ministering of Reverend Robertson, the Democrats will give Barney Frank’s announcement two rounds of rewrites before they “go out on that limb.”

The current gay-marriage-support language, in a draft form as sketched up by Frank and other members of the party’s brain trust this past weekend in Minneapolis, will be tweaked by the full Democratic platform committee in Detroit between August 10 and 12.

The same-sex-marriage endorsement will be put to a vote at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in September, where the world will see whether or not Reverend Pat Robertson’s dire warnings have been taken to heart.

Are the Democrats “playing” a gay marriage card? Or is the party earnestly striving to secure basic human rights for all Americans? Leave a thought or two in COMMENTS.

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