The Great Pig-scape: Firefighters Rescue Drowning 900-Pound Hog

In Florida, a huge swine gets a much-needed pick-me-up from neighbors.
One, two, three—push! (Photo: Pembroke Fire and Rescue)
Jul 25, 2012· 1 MIN READ
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911 Dispatcher: 911, what is your emergency?

Pig Owner: Strawberry down, Strawberry down!

911 Dispatcher: Somebody shot your strawberry?

Pig Owner: Not down—drown!

911 Dispatcher: Your strawberry is drowning? Wait, you taught a strawberry to swim?

Pig Owner: Did I say that? Strawberry is my gal, my pig—

911 Dispatcher: Sir, 911 is not the forum to denigrate your wife's weight.

Pig Owner: Did I say that?! Strawberry is a pig—my pet pig!—and she got herself good and stuck in my backyard pond. Send help stat!


Listen, I have no idea if this is how the 911 call that saved a Florida pig named Strawberry went down earlier this week, but I’d be willing to wager a bacon double cheeseburger it’s probably not an exact transcription.

On Tuesday, the heretofore fruity-named 900-pound Yorkshire pig fell into a pond near the Florida Everglades. A ragtag group of Good Samaritans—her owner and some neighbors—pounced. They managed to keep her hog head above the water line of the five-foot-deep pond until the pros arrived, reports NBC Miami.

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Eventually, Fire and Rescue showed up with the requisite tools—ladder and a tarp—to hoist the massive beast from the pond. She was awaiting a 450-mile ride to her new home in Wakulla, Florida, when she accidentally fell into the pond.

The collective helping hand of the neighbors is an about-face for the two-year-old pig, reports The Huffington Post.

In 2009, neighbors called code enforcement on the Falk family to complain about the then two-month-old pig's odor. The town insisted the family get rid of their pet or face fines.

A year later, however, the town council voted 5-0 to overturn a local ordinance that prohibited keeping swine as pets—expect for Vietnamese potbellied pigs—in Southwest Ranches.

Lesson of the day? If owning non-traditionally-owned, oversized animals is your thing, save up and buy yourself a polar bear. At least they can swim.

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