Man: My Dog Gave Birth to a Cat. Scientists: Dude, That’s Impossible!

Miracle birth or huge hoax? You make the call.
Is this little guy in the middle a dog or a cat? (Photo: Korea Herald)
Jul 23, 2012· 1 MIN READ
Salvatore Cardoni holds a political science degree from the George Washington University. He's written about all things environment since 2007.

A man in North Korea is claiming that his dog has miraculously given birth to a kitten.

Sixty-three-year-old Jeong Pyong-bong swears that the yet-unnamed newborn critter looks and acts like a cat.

“It is unbelievable,” said Jeong, to the Korea Herald. “People from all over the town are coming over after hearing the news.”

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Jeong at first had his doubts about the birth, thinking that his pooch’s puppy simply looked like a cat.

Once the baby started meowing, Jeong’s skepticism washed away and he became not just a believer, but an explainer.

“I think I know how this happened. My dog went for a long wander one night—in fact she was out all night—and I think she got up to some mischief with the ally cats. How else do you explain this?” said Jeong.

At least one veterinarian is throwing cold water on the alleged miracle.

“The number and trait of chromosomes in Canines and felines are completely different. It is possible that (the foal) is a puppy that looks like a kitten,” said Professor Son Chang-ho of Chonnam National University’s College of Veterinary medicine.

It is “impossible for a dog to give birth to a cat,” he added.

Given that, you might be wondering why we’ve chosen to promote this obvious hoax?

Once Jeong’s 15 minutes of fame are up, will he care for this newborn cat? If he can’t or won’t, will he at the very least find the feline a loving home and not mercilessly send her to a kill-happy shelter?

Do you think this newborn is a kitten or a puppy? Tell us in the comments.