Cutest Polar Bears Ever: Momma Gives Struggling Cub a Pick-Me-Up

Witnessed off the coast of Greenland, this scene qualifies as a bona fide Kodak moment.

This polar bear mom knows how to take care of her cubs, as seen from the RRS James Clark Ross in June off the coast of Greenland. (Photo: YouTube)

Jul 23, 2012
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Your daily dose of “awww”: a polar bear mother helps a baby bear who can’t quite climb onto an ice floe, in this adorable video captured off the east coast of Greenland in June by a traveller on an ocean acidification cruise.

As heartwarming as these polar bears are, it’s hard to forget the dangerous situation these creatures face. Already threatened by extinction, these marine mammals are being forced to move due to melting ice caused by climate change. As sea ice decreases, the bears swim farther to find suitable habitats, and food is harder to come by.

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Interested in helping or learning more? Check out Greenpeace’s campaign to get the Arctic declared a global sanctuary. As for these smile-inducing cubs: hopefully they make your Monday that much better. You’re welcome.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for the story tip.

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